Wudi Haichuan installation Engineering Co.,LtdMORE 》

    Wudi Haichuan  installation Engineering Co.,Ltd is located in Wudi of Shandong province, covering an area of 26513.6㎡ with 16million registered capital and 18.563 million fixed assets, possessing 220 workers. There are thousands of various types of operation machinery with professional sheet and pipe yard ,and the first and second class warehouse of welding and baking material.

Shandong Jianan Co,ltd of Lubei Chemical General CompanyMORE 》

    Shandong Jianan Co,ltd of Lubei Chemical General Company , located in Shandong Wudi Lubei High technology development zone with registered capital of 20million Yuan is one of the construction enterprise which is involved in construction mostly and partially based on matching management with the third-class qualification about national housing construction general contracting and about 20million annual assets.

Wudi Haichuan  installation Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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